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A picture of the brain showing its circuitry
Trauma is defined as an event that is very emotional or disturbing.

From birth trauma to a serious accident, trauma can happen to anyone, and you could be the perpetrator, victim, someone who witnesses the event or an emergency responder. After a trauma you may experience flashbacks, nightmares and avoidance issues which can stop you moving on with your life and your relationships with other people. You can also create protective mechanisms to stop the past events happening again, such as anxious/depressive states and procrastination.

I am an accredited practitioner of the internationally recognised Rewind Trauma Therapy. Rewind is different from other trauma approach therapies as the client only needs to disclose minimal details to the therapist and so is at less risk of being re-traumatised. The technique is effective with both single and multiple trauma clients and efficacy trials shows its much more rapid working than CBT or EMDR .

The Rewind Technique helps to reprocess and heal traumatic memories by imitating what the brain does naturally. The technique causes the stuck trauma memory to be transferred from the short term (working memory) into long term memory. The memory can then be remembered without the emotions and sensations along with it. The Rewind will not erase your memory of the trauma you went through, you will always be able to remember it, if you chose to. But that will be in your control, it will not come up involuntarily as flashbacks, panic attacks or nightmares, but as a memory.

Current research shows 85% effectiveness for 'Rewind' in as little as 3 sessions. 
Rewind is 4 sessions at £260, which includes an Initial Consultation and relaxation download.

Useful references:

PTSD UK - Rewind
International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy (IARTT)
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