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I now feel I can achieve anything I want to
and no longer worry about things that don't matter
or aren't important.
Tamsin's reassuring manner instantly put me at ease
and the sense of calmness and wellbeing after each session
was immense - like a wonderful brain massage.


Learning how sleep is affected by your amount of brain activity and ‘stress’ has helped me understand how I need to prepare for sleep better and understand why the quality of sleep might change depending on what is going on day to day.


By learning how to relax properly my quality of sleep has improved.


 I'm still waking up sometimes, but I'm having much more rational thoughts when I do and feel I'm getting a better quality sleep.


Since the Rewind Trauma therapy with Tamsin I’ve had a couple of triggers but the response wasn’t the same. I felt like I was bigger than it rather than it was bigger than me.


I now feel able to deal with the trauma and am no longer scared of it.


My sessions with Tamsin have brought a certain amount of calm to my life.

The sessions are helping me to be kinder to myself and to be a more thoughtful person to others.  I'm now much more in control of my behaviours.

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